Creating the Prepared Speech 撰写已备讲稿

Senior / University 高中 / 大学
About this course

A comprehensive guide to how to write a cohesive, interesting, engaging and unique speech for the speaking competition – for primary and junior high students.

What's included:

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Public Speaking 演讲简介
  • Introduction and how to do the course 课程简介和如果学习本课程
  • You can learn to be a public speaker 学习成为一名演讲者
  • What makes the perfect speech? 完美演讲具备什么
  • Famous speeches 著名演讲
  • Unit 2: Researching your Speech 为演讲做研究
  • Using a variety of material 使用不同的材料
  • Research tips 研究技巧
  • Why you are giving the speech 为何演讲
  • Connecting with the audience 与观众联系起来
  • The wider audience 更广泛的观众
  • The Question Masters 提问评委
  • The Scoring Judges 判分评委
  • Unit 3: Organising your Speech 组织你的讲稿
  • Deciding what to include 决定什么可包括在讲稿中
  • What the Question Masters pick up on 提问评委会注意什么内容
  • Considering the audience 考虑到观众
  • Your material 你的材料h6>
  • Using what you already know 使用你已知的
  • How many points to include in your speech 在演讲中可包括多少点
  • Creating the outline for your speech 创建大纲
  • Unit 4: Preparing your Speech 准备讲稿
  • What your introduction should do 开场白需要达到什么目的
  • Creating the perfect introduction 撰写完美的开场
  • How to start your speech 如果开始演讲
  • Good and bad introductions 好的和坏的开场
  • Creating the main body of your speech 撰写讲稿的主体
  • How to organise the main body 如何组织主体
  • How to conclude your speech 如何结束演讲
  • Good and bad conclusions 好的和坏的结尾
  • Unit 5: Honing your Tone and Style 磨练你的整体感觉和风格
  • The importance of having your own style 有自己风格的重要性
  • Using humour in your speech 在演讲中使用幽默
  • Making your speech sparkle 使演讲闪光
  • Using imagery and figurative language 使用形象及比喻性语言
  • Keeping your language simple 保持语言简单
  • Timing your speech 计时演讲
  • Unit 6: Review 复习回顾

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