Delivering the Prepared Speech 发表以备讲稿演讲

Senior / University 高中 / 大学
About this course

A comprehensive guide to how to write a cohesive, interesting, engaging and unique speech for the speaking competition – for primary and junior high students.

What's included:

  • Unit 1: Giving an Excellent Speech 做优秀演讲
  • Introduction and how to do the course 介绍及如何学习本课程
  • What a perfect speech is 完美演讲是怎样的
  • Learning to use your voice and body 学习运用你的声音和身体
  • Engaging the audience 吸引观众的注意力
  • Famous speeches 著名演讲
  • Your strengths and weaknesses 您的优势和弱点
  • Unit 2: The Importance of Body Language 身体语言的重要性
  • Understanding movement and body language 了解动作和肢体语言
  • Gestures to use 可使用的手势
  • Gestures to avoid 需避免的手势
  • Good and bad use of gestures 好的和不好的手势使用
  • Facial expression and eye contact 面部表情和眼神接触
  • Posture and movement 姿势和动作
  • A podium vs an open stage 讲台与开阔舞台
  • Unit 3: Paralanguage – what your voice says about you 副语言因素 – 你的声音怎么说你
  • What you voice says about you 你的声音怎么说你
  • Good and bad uses of paralanguage 好的和坏的副语言使用
  • Warming up your voice 热身你的声音
  • Clear pronunciation 清晰的发音
  • Using vocal variety 使用多种发声
  • Using your voice for emphasis 用你的声音来强调
  • Tips on making your delivery more powerful and clearer 使你讲话更有力和更清晰的贴士
  • Keeping the audience interested and engaged 保持观众的兴趣和参与
  • Unit 4: Overcoming Stage Fright and Nervousness 克服怯场和紧张
  • How to handle stage fright 如何处理怯场
  • Controlling and managing your nerves 控制和管理你的心态
  • Practising your speech 联系演讲
  • Unit 5: The Audience 观众
  • The wider audience 更广泛的观众
  • The Question Masters 提问评委
  • The Scoring Judges 判分评委
  • Reading the audience 阅读观众
  • Dealing with a difficult audience 应对困难的观众
  • Unit 6: Practice Makes Perfect 熟能生巧
  • The importance of practising your speech 练习你的演讲的重要性
  • A checklist for you speech 演讲注意事项
  • How fast to speak 语速可以有多快
  • Unit 7: Review 复习回顾

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