FAQs 常见问题

Who are the tutors? 导师们是谁

TEFL Org UK are one of the leading English education experts in the UK, with a network of experienced teachers, trainers and coaches. All our coaches, whether they are providing feedback on assessments or live 1-to-1 WeChat coaching sessions have received specialist training in delivering feedback and coaching online.

TEFL Org UK是英国领先的英语教育专家,我们有一个由有经验的老师、培训师和教练构成的网络,我们所有的教练,无论是评估讲稿、给学生反馈还是1对1辅导都接受了专门的、相应的培训。

Do I have to do Part 2 and Part 3? 我一定要学习第二和第三部分吗?

No, these are optional. 不需要,第二和第三部分是可选课程。

Can I do Part 2 or Part 3 without doing Part 1? 我可以不学第一部分而直接学习第二或第三部分吗?

Yes, but we don’t recommend it unless you already have experience and training in English public speaking. 可以,但我们不建议这样除非你已有一定的演讲经验和训练。

Can I buy all 3 parts at the same time? 我可以同时购买全部三部分的课程吗?

Yes, and you will save money this way too. Keep an eye out for the latest promotion. 可以,这样也可以省钱的。请留意我们最新的打折信息。

How long have I got to complete the course? 我必须在多长时间内完成课程?

Main Online Course Package = 6 months 主要在线课程套装 = 6个月
Main Online Singe Course = 3 months 主要在线单一课程 = 3个月
Tutor-assessment and certificate module = 1 month 导师评估和证书课程 = 1个月

What if I can’t attend the live 1-to-1 WeChat I have booked? 如果我无法参加已预订的1对1微信辅导怎么办?

You must give us 12 hours’ notice, and we can reschedule free of charge. If you miss it without telling us you will not be able to reschedule and you cannot get a refund. 你需要提前12小时通知我们,然后免费再订时间。如果没有提前通知我们,你将不能重新安排时间也不能退款。

If you cancel with less than 12 hours and more than 2 hours you will have to pay a 200cny re-booking fee. 如果在超过2小时且不到12小时内要求取消,你需要付200元的重订费。

What if I need more time to complete my work? 如果我需要多一些时间来完成课程怎么办?

You can buy an extension for 1 month for 100 CNY or 3 months for 200 CNY and you can buy as many months as you like. 你可以延期课程一个月,价格为100元,或者200元延期3个月,可以无限制的续费延期。

How many times can I submit my work for assessment? 我可以提交、评审几次讲稿?

To get feedback on the same piece of work, there is a maximum of 3 times until your work is scored by the coach. However, you can do the online auto-corrected activities and quizzes as often as you like. 针对同一篇讲稿的反馈,最多可提交三次,直至辅导教师给讲稿打分为止。但是,在线课的自动纠错活动和测验是没有次数限制的。

Speechcollege Packages 演讲课程套装


Save by purchasing our primary course package which gives access to ALL of our primary level online modules at a discount price. 课程套装更优惠,可学习所有小学级别的在线课程。


Save by purchasing our junior course package which gives access to ALL of our junior level online modules at a discount price. 课程套装更优惠,可学习所有初中级别的在线课程。


Save by purchasing our senior course package which gives access to ALL of our senior level online modules at a discount price. 课程套装更优惠,可学习所有高中级别的在线课程。

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