Master Your Pronunciation 掌握发音

Primary / Junior 小学 / 初中
About this course

Learn about every aspect of pronunciation needed to get your speech sounding perfect. NEW! Speech recognition software for you to prefect your pronunciation and intonation. 学习完美演讲所需发音的方方面面。新的语音识别软件让你有完美的发音和语调。

What's included:

  • Unit 1: Introduction to the Course 第一单元:课程介绍
  • Why is pronunciation so important? 为什么发音很重要?
  • What will the course cover? 该课程包含哪些内容?
  • How to do this course 如何学习该课程
  • Unit 2: General Pronunciation Issues – consonants 第二单元:一般发音问题 – 辅音
  • Differences between Chinese and English 中英文的区别
  • Difficult sounds 难发的音
  • Intonation 语调
  • Linking 连读
  • Word stress and schwa /ə/ 重音和/ə/发音
  • Consonant sounds 辅音发音
  • Chinese Replacement Sounds 中文替代发音
  • Correct Pronunciation 正确发音
  • Correct Phonemes 正确音位
  • Voice Recognition activities and quizzes 语音识别和测验
  • Unit 3: General Pronunciation Issues – vowels 第三单元:一般发音问题 – 元音
  • Problematic Vowel Sounds 元音发音难点
  • The schwa /ə/发音
  • Diphthongs 元音组合
  • Long and short vowel sounds 长元音和短元音
  • Differentiating sounds 区别发音
  • Identifying sounds 认清发音
  • Voice Recognition activities and quizzes 语音识别和测验
  • Unit 4: General Pronunciation Issues – specific sounds, homophones, accents 第四单元:一般发音问题 – 具体发音问题,同音词,重音
  • Pronunciation of /Θ/ and /ð/ /Θ/和/ð/的发音
  • How to pronounce the TH consonant sounds: unvoiced 如何发th音:清音
  • How to pronounce the TH consonant sounds: voiced 如何发th音:浊音
  • Voiced & Unvoiced sounds 清音和浊音
  • Other common sounds 其他常见发音
  • Homophones in your speech 你的演讲中的同音词
  • Unit 5: Intonation and Pitch 第五单元:语调和音高
  • Natural Speech 自然语音
  • Connected speech 连续语音
  • Intrusion 侵入音
  • Consonant + vowel 辅音+元音
  • Elision 省略
  • Word boundaries 词语界限
  • Intonation 语调
  • Showing Emotion 表达情感
  • Unit 6: Word and Sentence Stress 第六单元:词语与句子重读
  • What is word stress and why is it important in English? 什么是词语重音及在英语里的重要性
  • Sentence stress 句子重音
  • Sentence stress in your speech 你的演讲中的句子重读

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